Partners and Donors

In Zimbabwe, UNICEF partners with the Government, international organizations, and civil society to promote children's rights

Oxfam partners in the field

In 2015, the UNICEF Board approved a funding ceiling USD 558, 310,000 for the 2016–2020 UNICEF Zimbabwe country programme. By the end of 2016, the Country Office had mobilized USD 305,300,000 (55 per cent of the ceiling).


Much of our funding has been realized from the generous contributions of bilateral and multilateral partners, the biggest being the United Kingdom, the European Union, the Federal Republic of Germany, Sweden, the Swiss Government, and the Republic of Ireland. Other multilateral partners include the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) and the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI).


Compared to the first year of the 2012–2015 country programme, donor funding has declined with significant deficits in Child Survival and Child Protection.  This can be explained by the exit from Zimbabwe of key donors such as Norway and Denmark and the reducing aid budgets of the remaining donors owing to competing global priorities. Funding from the private sector remains negligible.

The Italian Ambassador to Zimbabwe with Deputy Representative - UNICEF  Zimbabwe.
UNICEF/UN000556/Joneck Gwatiwa
The Italian Ambassador to Zimbabwe (3rd from left) pausing for a photo with UNICEF Zimbabwe Deputy Representative (4th from left)

We also receive funding from UNICEF National Committees. For the current Country Programme, contributions have been received from National Committees of the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Germany, Japan, and Denmark.   


The current Country Programme aims to consolidate the achievements of the “Transition Funds (TFs)”. The TFs, now known as “Development Funds (DFs)” are a pooled funding mechanism that brings together the Government, donors, UN agencies and other stakeholders to promote social sector growth and stability. UNICEF is a fund manager and technical partner for the Development Funds.