National Disability Survey - Infographic Brochure

Highlighting some of the main findings from Zambia's 2015 National Disability Survey.

Mother with child outside home in Zambia


The Zambia National Disability Survey 2015 was initiated by the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services, and implemented by the Zambia Statistics Agency (ZamStats), and the University of Zambia, in collaboration with SINTEF Technology and Society (Norway) and UNICEF Zambia.

The main objective of the survey was to estimate the national prevalence of disability among adults and children, disaggregated by sex, severity of disability, province and the rural/urban division. A total of 9,190 households were included in the survey.

The survey was undertaken in line with the international best practice to periodically collect dedicated data on disability to inform governments and the public. Overall, it provides a unique source of data upon which to assess the situation for individuals with disabilities and their households.

This infographic presentation highlights some of the main statistics from the survey. It aims to make them accessible to a wider audience to increase public awareness about disability in Zambia and to enhance government policy work aimed at improving the welfare of persons with disabilities.

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