UNICEF acts for girls’ education in Yemen

Rural Female Teachers Program

Hamzah Ahmed Abdullah, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, Sana’a Global Partnership for Education
UNICEF Yemen/2018/Abdullah
26 August 2018

Sana’a, Yemen, 26 August 2018 - One of the main components of the Global Partnership for Education is the Rural Female Teachers Program. It has been implemented through the Ministry of Education of Yemen to facilitate girls’ access to education by increasing the number of female teachers in schools, particularly in rural areas of Yemen. Thanks to this program supported by GPE funds, there has been an increase by 8.5% in girl’s enrolment from the 2015/2016 to the 2016/2017 school year. In total, the program has targeted 1,688 schools in 17 governorates. 

UNICEF Yemen/2018/Abdullah
Rural Female Teachers Training taking place at Al-Noor School, Al-Hodeidah Governorate.

Yasmeen Alshara’ay is one of the teachers who beneficiated from this initiative. She teaches in Khawla School, Al-Shahil district, Hajjah governorate, one of the most remote areas in Yemen with very limited education services. Yasmeen joined the program in 2014. She completed a training to become a certified teacher. “The training helped me to grow professionally as well as personally. I have developed practical skills that I can now apply as a teacher to support my students in different situations at school as well as in my personal life to support my community,” she said. Yasmeen gives the example of one of her students, Hasna, who has some learning difficulties. “I wanted Hasna to overcome her problems so I used the psychological support skills that I gained during my training to support her until she would fully and actively take part in the class. Many teachers considered Hasna a failure, but I decided that I will help her to succeed and I followed up on her at school and at home with her family during an entire semester. As a result, Hasna became more self-confident and her grades gradually improved.” Hasna considers her teacher to be the best. “Yasmeen is my best friend. She did not only help me to be a better student but also to understands me best. Thanks to her support, I now enjoy going to school, I have many friends and the teachers respect me and treat me differently.”