Pedagogical First Aid

A guide with pedagogical tools for mothers, fathers, responsible adults and/or caregivers to accompany their children with school activities at home.

Portada Guía Primeros Auxilios Pedagógicos
UNICEF Venezuela


Pedagogical First Aid is a simple and practical guide designed to guide mothers, fathers, and representatives with pedagogical tools that allow them to accompany their children in carrying out school activities at home. Education is a right and in emergency contexts, it must continue to guarantee the development of the capacities of children and adolescents. Mothers, fathers, and representatives constitute the first level of reference for their sons and daughters, they are in the best moment to gain their trust and provide support by adapting activities from their reality, their routines, and their family dynamics.

It is very important that they bear in mind that we are living a new situation in which the whole family is learning. Do the activities at your own pace, without comparing yourself to other parents or families, the fundamental thing is to keep moving forward and teach your sons and daughters not only academic content but the importance of sharing and creating as a family.

What will you find in this guide?

  • Ideas for designing routines adapted to the needs of the family.
  • Guidance to recognize how your children learn.
  • Tools for managing emotions.
  • Games and activities to do as a family and educate from home.
  • Guidelines to maintain effective communication with your sons and daughters.
  • Practical activities to support your sons and daughters with the teaching of reading, writing, and mathematics.
Portada Guía Primeros Auxilios Pedagógicos
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