UNICEF Venezuela Annual Report 2022

Learn about the activities carried out by UNICEF Venezuela in 2022

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UNICEF Venezuela


The year 2022 was marked by a special date for UNICEF in Venezuela: the celebration of 55 years of presence in the country. There have been decades of effort to guarantee the strengthening of the rights of children and adolescents, hand in hand with government institutions, civil society, citizens and the children and adolescents themselves.

Our work in 2022, in coordination with allies and counterparts, focused on the areas of health, nutrition, education, child protection and water, hygiene and sanitation. In this way we support national efforts focused on guaranteeing the rights of children and moving towards compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals.

In this report you will find the faces and stories of the children and adolescents with whom we have had the privilege of interacting and who give meaning to our work every day. Also present are the voices of their mothers, fathers and caregivers, and of the collaborators who make it possible to advance the objective of guaranteeing all rights for children and adolescents.

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