How to help an unaccompanied child during martial law in Ukraine

The main issues regarding the protection of unaccompanied children during the war.

24 March 2022

1. Can a child from Ukraine be adopted during martial law?

The adoption of children has been suspended due to the inability to ensure compliance with the law and safety of children.

2. Is it currently possible to adopt a child from an orphanage?

No. The adoption procedure is suspended.

3. How can I protect a child if it is known for a fact that their parents have died / were killed? Is it possible to adopt such a child?

Such a child must be reported immediately to the National Police or the Children's Affairs Service.


If you found such a child outside Ukraine, you must immediately notify the Ukrainian consulate in your country of residence.


4. What should I do if I live in Ukraine and want to adopt an unaccompanied child?

You can apply through the Telegram bot Dytyna_ne_sama (Child is not alone).


Experts of the Children's Affairs Service will contact you to determine how to proceed.


5. Can a person living abroad take in an unaccompanied child from Ukraine?

No, they can not.

6. How soon will I be contacted after applying through the bot?

After the application is processed (this can take up to five days), if there is an unaccompanied child, you will be notified and informed of next steps.

7. Can a foreign NGO provide temporary accommodation for children from Ukraine?

A foreign organization – if referred by the local authority from its country of registration – may provide for the reception and temporary accommodation of children accompanied by parents or legal guardians. It is worth noting that children can only be temporarily accommodated in another country together with a legal guardian.


If you are a representative of an organization that is able to temporarily accommodate children from Ukraine, apply through the Dytyna_ne_sama (Child is not alone) Telegram bot.


8. Can a Ukrainian family residing in another country take in a child unaccompanied by an adult?

This is possible on condition of immediate notification and approval of the consular office of Ukraine.

9. When and how will it be possible to adopt children left without parents / legal guardians?

When peace is restored in Ukraine and when the bodies authorized to make decisions on the adoption of children resume operations.


Orphans and children deprived of parental care who are recognized as such in accordance with established procedure (there is a document confirming the status), and who are registered as children put up for adoption, may be adopted.


10. Is it possible to take abroad a child who has been put up with in a family in Ukraine?

An unaccompanied child temporarily placed with a family of Ukrainian citizens may not be taken abroad without the permission of the military administration at the child's place of residence.