12 June 2024

Despite war, children have hope for future in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine has changed not only the lives of children, but also their dreams. Since the fighting escalated in 2022, most have had just one wish – peace. Instead of summer holidays, they want to go back to school. Instead of travelling, they dream of returning home. And instead of toys, children simply want safety and a brighter future.…, “Everything will be okay”, Two years ago, in the spring of 2022, the streets of Alina’s village were full of military vehicles. The echo of nearby shelling never stopped, and at night the noise became even louder. Every evening, people were filled with fear. But Alina would hold the hands of her brothers and sisters, trying to calm them down. "Everything will be okay,…, “We try to improve their lives”, After the death of her son, Valentyna urgently needed psychological support. So she turned to Victoriia, a psychologist from the Winds of Change Charitable Foundation and a member of a mobile medical team run by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). This mobile team conducts on-site group sessions and offers positive parenting training in…, “I take their hand and try to make them feel better”, Inspired by Victoriia, Alina tries to help her siblings and friends, who are often sad or silent. "If my friend or sister is upset, I try to cheer them up,” says the youngster. “I hug them and ask them to tell me what happened, why they are upset. If we can't talk, I take their hand and try to make them feel better.” Losing the routine of going to…
05 June 2024

Ukraine and Refugee Response

HighlightsThe ongoing war in Ukraine continues to devastate the lives of children and families. Across Ukraine, 4.6 million people have returned, while more than 3.7 million remain internally displaced. Nearly 6 million refugees are hosted across Europe, 88 percent of them women and children, and 5 million have applied for national protection schemes.Children's mental health, learning and access to services (including health, water, electricity, heating) continue to be impacted. Many remain at risk of diseases, separation and violence (including gender-based violence).In Ukraine, UNICEF is working with the Government and inter-agency partners to sustain criticalhumanitarian assistance in the south and east where war continues, while supporting recovery in the east, centre and west. In refugee-hosting countries, UNICEF is complementing national efforts,addressing residual humanitarian needs of those in protracted displacement while facilitatingsustainable handover to national authorities. In this complex, protracted crisis, UNICEF remainsagile and prepared to respond to changing conditions.UNICEF requires $580.5 million to ensure crucial support for children and families in 2024. Thisincludes critical supplies, services and support in child protection, health and nutrition, education,water, sanitation and hygiene and social protection (including humanitarian cash assistance); andstrengthening national and local systems to address needs. The total amount requested includes$450 million for support inside Ukraine and $130.5 million for the refugee response.