UNICEF delivers generators and humanitarian aid to cover the humanitarian and winter-related needs of families and children in the newly accessible city of Kherson

21 November 2022

As children and families continue to bear the brunt of a devastating war, the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) is delivering critical winter-related humanitarian aid to Kherson city in Ukraine.

Since the city and surroundings have become accessible, UNICEF has provided approximately 150 metric tons of critical life saving supplies, including winter related supplies, via three humanitarian convoys to Kherson. The comprehensive package of humanitarian supplies included two generators critical to support medical facilities during recurrent power cuts, medical supplies, and equipment to support the re-establishment of the health services. The package also includes blankets, children's winter clothes, and hygiene supplies. 


As of 11 November 2022, when the city of Kherson became accesible, authorities report the presence of 100,000 people in the area; people who have not had access to basic services since February 2022. 

In addition, since it has become accessible, UNICEF has delivered drinking water to the affected communities in the rural areas of Kherson oblast on a daily basis and will continue to do so for the coming weeks.

The humanitarian aid from UNICEF will help to quickly cover the basic needs of people without essentials, like blankets, winter clothes for children, hygiene supplies, and medicines, including during the winter months.


Media contacts

Damian Rance
Chief Advocacy and Communications
UNICEF Ukraine


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