“Family for every child” – Kateryna Osadcha and UNICEF launch a new documentary series

13 July 2023

KYIV, 13 June 2023 – Today, Kateryna Osadcha, and UNICEF, with the support of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, launched a new documentary series: Family for every child to share the importance of safe and nurturing family-based care for all children by showcasing real stories of how alternative families can come in all shapes and sizes, but always placing the child at the center.

The “Family for every child” series includes real stories of children and families in Ukraine and also in-depth interviews and comments from the First Lady of Ukraine, the Minister of Social Policy, members of civil society, and UNICEF experts.

“Children are the future of Ukraine. We in UNICEF believe that every child should be raised in a loving and caring family - biological or otherwise. This helps ensure the happy and healthy development of children, and we are very glad to see Kateryna Osadcha among the strong supporters of this tenet. We are glad to meet so many celebrities and politicians who also share our vision and who are ready to work with us, and with authorities, to further explain and promote family-based care. This will help build a happy life for thousands of children who all deserve to live in a nurturing family-based environment”, said Murat Sahin, UNICEF Representative in Ukraine.

The First Lady also actively engages in the development of child care. The Elena Zelenska Foundation supports families affected by the war, including family based child care homes. In the documentary the First Lady also gave an in-depth look into the vision of Ukraine where every child grows up in a caring and loving family and shared details of her own story and experience.

TV host Kateryna Osadcha and First Lady Olena Zelenska
TV host Kateryna Osadcha and First Lady Olena Zelenska

"We all, as a society, must be ready to change and grow up. Because only a mature society understands the unwritten social contract: when someone finds themselves in a difficult situation, society must unite and help. In this case, this situation is orphanhood. It is important that we change our attitude towards foster parents and foster families. These are the heroic people who fulfill a crucial social function for all of us - they give those in need a family. Because everyone needs a family, throughout their lives. It is a place where you will be accepted as anyone and at any time. A place where you will be given the strength to go on," stated First Lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska.

The series explains in detail different types of alternative family care options in Ukraine, particularly, adoption, foster care, home-visiting care, and family-type children’s houses. Kateryna Osadcha, Ukrainian TV host and the author of the documentary idea, interviews real families and a wide range of experts to explore the possible options and to live through the experience of accepting a child into the family.

“Since February 2022, when our country faced the biggest tragedy in its modern history, many people approached me and asked how they can support those children that are now left without parents. As a joint effort, this series is a response to their request, with a broader goal to support the vision of a humanitarian recovery where every child can grow feeling the love and care of a true family”, said Kateryna Osadcha, Ukrainian TV host.


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