UNICEF-child friendly space in Aleppo supports injured children

Hanaa, a child injured in fighting, benefits from a UNICEF-supported child friendly space in Aleppo

Basma Ourfali
girl on wheelchair talking to another girl
UNICEF/Syria2018/Khuder Al-Issa
24 May 2018

In September 2016, Hanaa, now 8, was injured in an attack on besieged east Aleppo. The injury affected her spine and doctors told her she would not be able to walk every again. Hanaa was traumatized for a few months and would not speak to anyone or leave her home.

Encouraged by social workers and community outreach volunteers, Hanaa started going to a UNICEF-supported child friendly space, where engaged in educational and recreational activities as a form of psychosocial support. Hanaa also enrolled in school and receives physiotherapy three times a week, to help her walk again.

A girl on a wheelchair
UNICEF/Syria2017/Khudr Al-Issa
8-year-old Hanaa takes a walk around her destroyed neighbourhood of east Aleppo.

My dream is to become a physiotherapist to help children like myself. 

UNICEF/Syria2018/Khuder Al-Issa