COVID 19 Safe School Kit

A kit for safe learning in schools in Sudan

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UNICEF Sudan/2014/Noorani


As the COVID-19 pandemic hit the country like anywhere else, Sudanese Federal Ministry of Education has closed all 16,328 public schools for fiscal year 2020 since 15 March 2020. This school closure coincided with the school calendar reform and curriculum revision on basic education which the new transitional government has embarked on following its inauguration in August 2019. The tentative date of the school re-opening was set on 23 November 2020; however, it was delayed until early 2021 due to the increase in COVID-19 cases across the country. As of March 2021, most of the basic schools in Sudan are open, except for few states that are affected by increasing inter-communal violence like West Darfur.

With just about half the schools with access to water and sanitation, the challenge is huge in ensuring safe reopening of schools. With competing priorities and limited resources in the country, UNICEF WASH section had to think creatively and find a solution that can enable more schools to be opened, while limiting COVID spread. Two areas were identified for support -1) support to the development of IPC protocols for safe reopening of school in collaboration with the UNICEF education section and 2) developing a COVID19 SAFE School Kit in partnership with the Federal Ministry of Education. The focus of this note is on the simple, practical and scalable COVID Safe School kit to enable more and more schools to have a safe learning environment.

Despite the economic situation, some states have found resources to invest in complementing some of the WASH support. The COVID Safe School Kit is being considered as part of a wider support to schools to ensure maintenance of a hygienic and safe environment in schools. With $10,000, COVID Safe School Kit can serve approximately 22,000 children in 55 schools at $0.45 per children.

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