Child protection

Protecting children from abuse, exploitation and making separated families whole again

A girl in Bentiu


 Children in South Sudan are robbed of a childhood.

Thousands of children are used by armed forces and armed groups, 50 % of all girls are married before they are 18 years old, gender- based violence is widespread and thousands of children are separated from their parents leaving them vulnerable to violence, abuse and exploitation.

The latest on the child protection situation in South Sudan

James was abducted as a child and forced to fight in an armed group in South Sudan


Engagement on all levels to ensure children are protected from harm

UNICEF will continue to advocate for ending recruitment of children, releasing children from armed groups and providing children released with a comprehensive reintegration programme. Together with partners, UNICEF will continue to work to reunite separated children with their families. Engagement with communities, including religious leaders and community leaders, to prevent child marriage will continue. UNICEF will also continue to provide support to victims of gender based violence and advocate for a safe environment for every child.


Ferdos and her brothers were on their own for almost five years when they learned their mother is alive