Cost of Inaction South Sudan 2023

A deepening crisis for children

A little boy sitting close to water kiosk in Juba, South Sudan
UNICEF South Sudan/Ryeng


South Sudanese people in need of humanitarian assistance is at record high whilst funding is at an all-time low, with further cuts expected in 2024. Children are the hardest hit, impacting on their rights to survival, education and protection from harm. Increases in malnutrition are continuing to rise and admission trends are increasing in 2023 at alarming levels – with over one third of the country exceeding emergency thresholds. The impact of the Sudan crisis, widespread floods, sporadic violence and soaring food prices are pushing children and their families to the brink and increases protection risks for children. There are alarming increases across all problems facing children including preventable, life-threatening diseases, malnutrition, child exploitation, abuse and loss of access to education. Measles cases are on the rise in various parts of the country with 663% increase in measles cases recorded compared to last year. Urgent action is needed to avert the crisis becoming a humanitarian catastrophe for children and their families.

Cost of Inaction 2023
UNICEF South Sudan
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