Protecting Children in South Sudan’s Food Security Crisis

Exacerbated Food Insecurity in South Sudan Poses an Additional Threat to the Endangered Lives of 3.1 Million Children in Need of Urgent Child Protection Services

Mother full of hope is holding her child.
Plan International/Peter Caton


South Sudan due to compounding shocks, including flooding, ongoing conflict, displacement, and cost of living. The impact is expected to result in another year of livestock and crop losses and has eroded the livelihoods and coping strategies of vulnerable communities across
the country.

In order to address the interlinkages between food insecurity and children’s protection and well-being in South Sudan, it is essential that humanitarian actors, government, and donors commit to addressing children’s protection needs and safeguard children from the effects
of the hunger crisis.

Mother full of hope smile and hold her baby
South Sudan Food security cluster & The South Sudan Child Protection Area of Responsability
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