Creating solid foundations for the future through quality education

A child beams as he recites the English alphabet to a group


 A generation of children in South Sudan is being deprived of a fair chance in life.

More than two million children, or over 70 %, are out of school in South Sudan, putting at risk their futures and the future of the country. Some of the out- of- school children are living in pastoral communities, moving with their cattle and are not able to attend regular classes. The largest group of out-of-school children in South Sudan are girls. Poverty, child marriage and cultural and religious views all hinder girls' education.

The latest on the education situation in South Sudan

A fight for education like you've never seen before


Education for all children is not only the right thing to do, it is the smart thing to do.

A child born to an educated mother has a 50 per cent higher chance of survival. The risk of child marriage and early pregnancy is lower if girls stay in school.  Educated parents are more likely to send their children to school. UNICEF is supporting the building of classrooms, the education and training of teachers,the development and printing of textbooks and working with communities to encourage parents and caregivers to send their children to school.

School is a magical place