When can children learn?

Sudan's education crisis and its impact on learning in the region.

girls lined up in school in Bor, South Sudan
UNICEF South Sudan/ Nathanaelle Ngabe Nguegan


Children in Sudan have been engulfed in a war for over seven months that is violating their basic rights on a daily basis – including depriving them of their right to quality education. Nearly all school-aged children in Sudan, an estimated 19 million children, are out of school. Even before the war, Sudan was already facing a significant learning crisis with many children unable to access quality learning or dropping out of education altogether.

The pressure of the conflict on an already strained school system has left education in Sudan at a breaking point. Meanwhile, with hundreds of thousands of children seeking safety across international borders, schools in neighbouring countries are struggling to accommodate the influx of new students due to limited space and insufficient resources.

‘When can children learn?’ looks at the impact of the conflict on both the education system in Sudan and also in neighbouring countries, where children and families have fled to.

Girls sitting in a classroom in Sudan.
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