National Immunization Coverage Survey

Final Report 2017


The Ministry of Health South Sudan through the support of implementing partners UNICEF, WHO and GAVI commissioned the 2017 South Sudan EPI Coverage Survey for assessing Immunization Coverage of children aged 12-23months and mothers of infants aged 0-11 months.

The overall purpose of the survey was to validate the quality and coverage of the EPI Program across the 10 Former States (Hubs).

Further, the survey was specifically geared towards establishing the immunization coverage for all antigens among children aged 12-23 months, Tetanus Toxoid immunization coverage among mothers of infants aged 0-11 months, the quality and access to immunization services and the factors affecting service provision including the main reasons for immunization failure, card availability rate for both mothers of children aged 12-23 months and 0- 11months, enhance capacity to conduct standardized EPI coverage verification surveys, coverage with malaria prevention and control, access of antenatal care services and newborn care after delivery.

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Republic of South Sudan, Ministry of Health
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