The importance of Tippy Taps within our communities

Volunteers in KwaZulu-Natal reach out to schools and health facilities in their communities.

Welcome Mkhize, UNICEF South Africa Volunteer in KwaZulu Natal
UNICEF Volunteers/2021
09 March 2022

The issue of good hand hygiene and proper sanitation goes beyond schools and clinics. Edendale, on the outskirts of Pietermaritzburg, has many challenges, including limited access to water and good sanitation. Many households do not have running water and toilets and there are no handwashing facilities in these structures.

Tippy Taps play an important role in the community of Edendale as they promote and ensure good hand hygiene. There is a great need for Tippy Taps to be built in the open, for communal use, especially within secured premises such schools and clinics, as it benefits children and patients in need of handwashing facilities.

Tippy Taps play an important role in the community of Edendale as they promote and ensure good hand hygiene.

Since November 2021, UNICEF Volunteers in KwaZulu-Natal, visited different schools to get permission from the school principals to build Tippy Taps for their learners on their premises. The Principals approved the idea, and pledged to support our plans, since it would help their pupils reduce their chances of getting infected by COVID-19 or other preventable infectious diseases.

In this same period, we visited medical clinics and discussed our plans to build Tippy Taps within their premises. This idea was also supported because the Tippy Taps will be highly visible at the entrance of these clinics and will help keep people’s hands clean as they enter. Additionally, UNICEF Volunteers, in the Elandskop and KwaCaluza area, will provide COVID-19 and vaccine information to patients.

UNICEF South Africa Volunteers/2022

There is clearly an ongoing need to promote handwashing and hygiene amongst learners, patients, and the greater community, so that they can protect themselves against the health risks caused by COVID-19. Keeping hands clean should be easy but when there’s limited access to handwashing facilities, it’s a serious challenge that can impact people’s health and wellbeing. That’s why I’m so proud and motivated to contribute to help keep learners and people within my community as safe as possible.

In the coming months, the newly-recruited volunteers across the province will build more Tippy Taps in their communities, while encouraging and assisting everyone to get vaccinated against COVID-19 by registering them on the Department of Health’s vaccine website.

Click here, if you wish to join us in building Tippy Taps in your local community.

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