UNICEF Rwanda Private Sector Engagement Strategy

Advancing children's rights in Rwanda through partnerships with the private sector

A woman plucks tea in Rwanda on the SORWATHE tea plantation, where UNICEF has established mobile day care centres for children.


UNICEF Rwanda’s overall vision for private sector engagement is that by the end of 2030, the Rwandan private sector, with the support of the Government, is taking an active role in enhancing and investing in children’s rights in the country, and contributing to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals. To achieve this, UNICEF Rwanda will focus on four key strategies:

  1. Corporate fundraising from Rwandan companies and locally-based international companies;
  2. Promoting the Children's Rights and Business Principles (CRBPs) in key industries such as the tea sector;
  3. Creating shared value partnerships in the long-term; and
  4. Advocacy with the private sector to advance children’s interests in Rwanda.

This strategy was created to guide this engagement with the Rwandan private sector, offering key recommendations for successful implementation.

UNICEF Rwanda Private Sector Engagement Strategy Cover
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