Business Case for Employer-supported Childcare

Lessons from the tea sector in Rwanda and recommendations for scale and sustainability


The critical role childcare plays in unlocking women’s productivity, children’s potential and national development has garnered increasing cross-sector attention in recent years.

For industries like tea, where the majority of critical agricultural pluckers are female, providing childcare services to workers goes far beyond a corporate social responsibility optics endeavour, to making a
seminal difference in a company’s bottom line.

It is along these lines that UNICEF in partnership with UK Aid and the National Agriculture Export Board (NAEB) has published a report demonstrating the business case for investing in employer-supported childcare.

The report highlights key lessons from the tea sector and provides recommendations for scale and sustainability. The report is also meant to encourage the private sector in Rwanda - particularly companies with many employees of reproductive age - to invest in employer-supported childcare.

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