Early Childhood Education Formative Assessment Package

Guidance and tools for use in ECE centres/preschools/primary schools and with parents/caregivers

Iram Akmal, a trained ECE teacher teaching Kanhaiya Krichan (4) and Muskan Ishaq (5) during the Early Childhood class


Young children were potentially among those worst hit by COVID-19 related school closures, with preschools having been closed for one to two years in the region and often being the last education programmes to reopen. This has likely led to considerable learning loss/lag at this critical foundational stage of their education, exacerbating the existing learning crisis.

Formative assessment can play an important role in learning recovery efforts and is an essential part of effective pedagogy, allowing teachers to understand what each child knows and can do along an early learning continuum, and provide support based on each child’s particular learning needs. The ECE Formative Assessment Package includes guidance and tools on formative assessment for use in ECE centres/preschools/schools and with parents/caregivers at home to support the learning of young children.

Early Childhood Education Formative Assessment Package - Part II