Inclusive Education Toolkit for Teachers in Mainstream Schools in Romania

This Toolkit for Inclusive Education has been designed to assist and support classroom teachers to become more orientated to inclusive practice.


This Toolkit resource has been designed to enable teachers in mainstream schools to better meet the needs of children with SEND (special educational needs and disabilities) in the Romania education system. It has been constructed following analysis of feedback from teachers and those involved in helping to manage SEN provision in schools. It is a practical resource, containing a set of materials to assist all teachers in the task of promoting greater inclusion within schools. It emphasises that collaborative work is essential in meeting the needs of all learners, including within-school collaboration as well as promoting more effective links with parents, families, and other agencies outside of schools. Rather than presenting rigid guidelines, this Toolkit encourages reflection and adaptation. It draws inspiration from the latest research, global best practices, and the local experiences of educators and students in Romania.

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