Adolescent Pregnancy in Romania



This study comprises three separate analyses:
1. A review of current legislation on adolescent pregnancy and childbirth prevention, which looks at strategies and policies in the fields of health, education and child protection with a view to gaining insight into the current legislative background.
2. An analysis meant to identify the socio-demographic, educational and cultural profiles of young women likely to become mothers before the age of 18 as well as their opinions and attitudes about reproductive health, based on the secondary analysis of the data presented in the Romanian Reproductive Health Survey.
3. An analysis meant to identify the opinions, attitudes and suggestions of professionals and decision-makers from central and local levels with regard to the measures that would be most effective in reducing the phenomenon over time, based on the information collected during group
discussions (focus groups) with professionals and individuals discussions (semi-structured interviews) with public policy makers in the field of adolescent health.

Adolescent Pregnancy in Romania
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