Lidl and UNICEF support children from vulnerable communities to continue their studies in high school or vocational schools

Between November 11 and December 15, 2019, for each toy purchased by customers in its stores, Lidl donates 1 leu to UNICEF.

14 November 2019
Christmas Campaign

For the third year in a row, Lidl, in partnership with UNICEF in Romania, is supporting children from vulnerable communities to have access to quality inclusive education. The program is addressed to students from vulnerable communities, so that, in the long term, they can have access to development opportunities and jobs. Thus, between November 11 and December 15, 2019, for each toy purchased by customers in its stores, Lidl donates 1 leu to UNICEF

According to UNICEF data, only four out of five children finish 8th grade and only seven out of ten finish high school or vocational school. An extra year of school increases income by 8-9%, reduces the risk of becoming unemployed by 8% and the risk of serious health problems by 8.2%. High school graduates earn 25% - 31% more than those who have completed primary and lower secondary education (according to the UNICEF study “Cost of non- investment in education in Romania”). 

To support these students, starting with November 11, for any toy purchased, Lidl will direct 1 leu to UNICEF. The partnership with UNICEF started in 2017, and from then until now, Lidl together with its clients have supported the organization with over 1,500,000 lei, directly contributing to the increase in the number of students who continue their high school studies by addressing problems such as: absenteeism, poor school outcomes, low intrinsic motivation, barriers to transition from lower secondary to high school or vocational schools, as well as limited resources that parents have. 

The initiative by Lidl aims to meet more than 1,000 adolescents from vulnerable environments in Bacau County, identified by UNICEF during the school year 2018 - 2019, out of which 150 are at risk of dropping out. With the help of the customers who will buy toys during this period, many more of these students can access quality education and increased chances for a better future. 

So far, the continuous efforts made by Lidl and UNICEF during the three years of collaboration have contributed to the identification and counseling of students from rural areas at risk of school dropout, but also to support the teachers in developing the necessary competences that will allow them to support the little ones. At the same time, as part of the initiative, parents participated in parental education courses, being able to better support their children, including school attendance. 

Access to quality education is essential for the long-term functioning of a society. Therefore, we chose to be involved for the third consecutive year in supporting quality education, together with our partners from UNICEF. Together we want to offer the chance to a better future to the children from vulnerable environments. We thank our clients for their involvement with each such initiative and we invite them to join us this time as well”, said Cristina Hanganu, Director of Communication and CSR Lidl Romania.

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