Immunizing 30 million Pakistani children against measles
Islamabad: As the month of October came to an end, more than 30 million Pakistani children were finally safe from measles. More


A cherished chance of going to school

Balochistan: In Balochistan’s rural universe – a barren land with patches of green bushes and population pockets living in scattered houses -- schools are a rarity. More


Giving Pakistani Adolescents a Second Chance in Balochistan
Balochistan: For Safeerullah, the day begins even before dusk. After saying his morning prayers, he tucks his belongings under a wooden shelf, puts on his worn-out joggers and runs to the main road to catch public transport. More



State of the World's Children
Despite children’s massive online presence – 1 in 3 internet users worldwide is a child – too little is done to protect them from the perils of the digital world and to increase their access to safe online content, UNICEF said in its annual flagship report released today. More


UNICEF Annual Report 2017 - Global
Throughout 2017, widespread violence, disaster, instability and displacement threatened children’s lives and well-being in countries around the world. UNICEF Annual Report 2017 examines the steady progress we made despite these obstacles, and the substantial work that remains to be done. Read

UNICEF Pakistan Annual Report 2016

The UNICEF Pakistan Country Office Annual Report 2016 is released. The year 2016 offered UNICEF Pakistan much to celebrate. Read the full report and an exclusive snapshot in the form of a brochure here

For every child
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