The Role of Teachers in Society

Why Do Teachers Deserve More Respect?

Blog post by UNICEF Young Reporter Kristijan Popovski (18)
A student in front of a laptop
26 October 2020

I was recently asked the question, "Who are the most important people in the lives of students?" and I immediately knew that the answer was "teachers." But while I answered without hesitation, it got me thinking about the real question: "What is it that makes a teacher a GREAT teacher?" The best way to answer is to reflect on the impact teachers have had on my personal development. 

In my early days in high school, I was a little lost and under-informed, without any concrete ideas about the future. I had no idea what I wanted to do and what I would do in life - in a word, I felt disoriented. While I can't single out just one person as a positive example, there are many teachers I am grateful to. Teachers I will never forget, who are so positive, sensitive, empathetic, and good people, who inspire me to reflect on the values they uphold. They motivate me to be better at what I do, they encourage me to develop, and they applaud my successes. Their "Bravo Kristijan!" lifts me in the clouds and makes me proud of myself and my accomplishments, and at the same time it gives me a kind of recognition for the work done well.

All those teachers have invested in me and still guide and direct me towards achieving my goals, towards acquiring new knowledge and skills. Although sometimes I can get upset or dislike a remark that I received from them, in those moments, I remind myself of all their commitment and investment in our lives.

Now that I am in the last year of my high school education, I already consider myself a committed, informed, and calm person with a plan for the future and clear goals for succeeding. But this did not fall from the sky, nor did I get it from sitting down and reading books. No! It is the fruit of my teachers, my mentors, and my parents. It is the result of four years of investing time and energy by dedicated teachers. What I want to say is that those teachers, those mentors, those teachers from different fields, have been so important in my life, and that is why I am forever grateful to them. They are the reason why I want a lifetime of learning. 


For this, I want to say to all teachers, THANK YOU for all the work you do.

THANK YOU for your enduring efforts and THANK YOU for your patience. I admire your courage and endurance under all that pressure. You are the backbone of society and the development of humanity.