Chin State

Mobilising states and regions for children

UNICEF Myanmar/2016/Daniele Romeo

What we do

Chin is one of Myanmar’s least developed states, with the highest poverty rates of all States and Regions (73 per cent, 2014). Its mountainous terrain and lack of infrastructure act as significant obstacles to improving service delivery. 

The skirmishes between the Arakan Army and the Myanmar Military (Tatmadaw) in Southern Chin that started at the end of 2017 continued throughout 2018.

Key results in 2018: 

  • Learning materials for lower grades of primary education have been developed based on the local curriculum and within the National Curriculum Framework
  • Through UNICEF child protection system strengthening support to legal institutions, five child sexual abusers were detected and three were sentenced to 20 years jail term. The victims received support from the Department of Social Welfare.
  • The township level roll-out community-based infant and young child feeding (cIYCF) and Integrated management of Acute Malnutrition (IMAM) trainings were conducted where 836 Basic Health Staff (BHS) completed cIYCF training and 935 BHS, including hospital health staff, completed a six-day cIYCF and three-day IMAM protocol trainings.
  • UNICEF continued its engagement with Members of the State Parliament to advocate on children’s issues and build alliances, with a focus on calling for the extension of services for children in hard-to-reach areas.