Montenegrin dailies and Post Office support the “Every child needs a family” campaign

It is in the best interest of every child to grow up in a loving family environment

UNICEF Montenegro
A family in the living room, mum is playing the guitar and the other members are singing
UNICEF Montenegro / Duško Miljanić / 2013
06 December 2013

PODGORICA, 6 December 2013 – UNICEF Montenegro Representative Benjamin Perks met recently with the director of Post Office Milan Martinovic and the directors of the dailies “Vijesti” Zeljko Ivanovic, “Dan” Mladen Milutinovic, “Dnevne novine” Boris Darmanovic and “Pobjeda” Lav Lajovic and got their support to the ongoing Every Child Needs a Family campaign.

We requested the directors of all Montenegrin daily newspapers and the Post Office to assist with designing and disseminating Montenegro’s first ever self-adhesive, self- addressed, freepost form/ envelope to make it easy for citizens to express an interest in becoming foster parents. Those interested simply fill in the form and send it off. The newspapers will carry the form/envelope and the post office provides free delivery service and a free post box to collect the enquiries.

Benjamin Perks, UNICEF Representative to Montenegro

As a result, on Monday, December 9, all readers of Vijesti, Dan and Pobjeda will get the fostering form/envelope for free with the newspapers, while the readers of Dnevne novine will receive it with the edition of December 16. 


It has the form of a leaflet which folds into a self-adhesive and self-addressed envelope which citizens can fill in with their contact information and mail to the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare for free. A social worker will then contact them and share information about fostering.

Svako dijete treba porodicu koverta
UNICEF Crna Gora / Duko Miljanić / 2013

This innovative initiative is made possible thanks to the contribution from the Post Office which provided free mailing, as well as thanks to the contributions of the Montenegrin dailies Vijesti, Dan, Dnevne novine and Pobjeda, which agreed to disseminate the leaflets with the newspapers for free.

“I would like to thank to all Montenegrin daily newspapers and the Post Office for supporting the Every child needs a family campaign. In order to increase the number of foster parents in the country, we must inform people about it and this innovation will significantly contribute to achieving this goal,” Perks points out.

Every child needs a family campaign, initiated by the Government, UNICEF and EU in September 2013, aims at increasing the number of foster parents in the country and decreasing the number of children growing up in institutions. 

More than 50 years of research show that placing children in institutions exposes them to the risk of experiencing psychological, emotional and physical developmental delays. Therefore, it is in the best interest of every child to grow up in a loving family environment.

The campaign’s key message is that when the child’s biological family is not able to take care of him/her for a certain period of time, an alternative foster family should be identified.

The awareness raising campaign “Every child needs a family” is conducted within the project „Social Welfare and Child Care System Reform – Enhancing Social Inclusion“, which is implemented by the Government of Montenegro with technical assistance from UNICEF and UNDP and with the financial support from the European Union.