Summer provides opportunities for vacation and new work experiences for young people

15 July 2022
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PODGORICA, 15 July 2022 – Young people in Montenegro mostly use the summer to take a vacation. However, many of them opt to work and thus, in addition to pocket money, which always comes in handy, acquire new knowledge, skills and contacts that can help them in future employment. Those who decide to work during the summer have different motives for doing so – sometimes it is money, sometimes it is the desire to excel and learn, or to gain independence. Those who decide not to look for seasonal jobs say honestly that the summer is too short and they want to enjoy it. UNICEF’s young reporters shared their own experiences and opinions about seasonal jobs.

Tara Simovic is working as a hostess in a luxury hotel on the Montenegrin coast. She believes that this job will allow her to improve her communication skills, her German and French ​​skills and make new friends.

“I am learning to live on my own, since there is no mum and dad around, to be there for every little thing. I am proud that I am not motivated by how much money I earn but rather by what I can learn while doing my job and how I can apply the acquired skills. I would warmly recommend everyone to work over the summer in order to experience an atmosphere that will shape them as a person,” Tara says.

Before this year, Silva Dervanovic had not felt the need to work during the summer.

“Back then, when I thought about it,” she says, “various summer activities and pursuits would usually prevent me from taking up a job.”

Vuk Zivkovic says that the summer provides a long-awaited break from school and a chance to travel. Vuk adds that the summer vacation does not last long, and work would certainly get in the way of him fulfilling his summer wishes.

“Also, the experiences of my friends, who have had the opportunity to work during the summer, show that seasonal jobs are rather demanding while the pay is low,” Vuk points out.

Emir Dresevic has never worked during the summer either. “Not necessarily because I did not want to,” he explains, “simply, there were not many opportunities for it, except occasionally helping out in the family store.” Emir, however, points out that many teenagers work during the summer to gain experience and earn some money.

According to the data of the Association for Democratic Prosperity (ADP) – Zid and the NGO, UNICEF’s partners in implementing the “Opportunities” programme, young people in Montenegro are most interested in taking up a job in tourism, the IT sector, law, graphic design or marketing.

The “Opportunities” programme, implemented with the help of UNICEF and the financial support of the TUI Care Foundation, offers adolescents in Montenegro the chance to gain practical work experience. Young people aged 16–19 years, attending the second, third or fourth year of secondary school, can apply for practical training to learn more about career development opportunities and prepare for the labour market.

You can watch the video made by Young Reporters on our TikTok channel.

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