Policy brief - Investing in social protection to reduce child labour and improve well-being

In mica villages in the south of Madagascar

Enfant travaillant dans les mines de mica


An estimated 11,406 children aged 5 to 17 work alongside their families in the Southern Madagascar regions of Anosy, Androy, and Ihorombe. Another 4,219 children under 5 live in the mica sites and, including adults, the total population living and working in the precarious conditions of the artisanal mica mines of Madagascar amount to around 28,500 people. In total, it is estimated that 35 municipalities in the regions of Anosy, Androy and Ihorombe host mica mines population with 443,000 people living under extreme poverty generalized in the immense majority of households. An estimated 190,509 children under 15 years old form part of those households and suffer multidimensional poverty.

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