The life of children with disabilities in Madagascar

Policy brief

Enfant en situation de handicap


In Madagascar, more than one in 10 children have a disability. Children with disabilities continue to be one of the most vulnerable members of society today, facing extreme challenges, often in contradiction to their innate children's rights. This information note summarises the results of a study that was made in conjunction with UNICEF, INSTAT and Oxford Policy Management. This study deepens our understanding of disability in two ways, first by offering an analysis of what obstacles are preventing children with disabilities from realizing their rights and second, by offering options to create supportive and protective environments for them.

The findings analyse these different obstacles by first establishing the impact of how many children are currently living with disabilities in Madagascar. Then it continues to investigate different aspects that impact a child with disabilities including Education, Health Nutrition, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, Protection, and Participation, Leisure and Discrimination. This information note ends with recommendations in order to help support and protect through creating an environment conducive for children with disabilities. The goal of this study is to guide consideration for children with disabilities in programmes, in particular, country program 2021-2023 and promote advocacy in conjunction with the Government of Madagascar in favour to incorporate aspects that can alleviate the obstacles faced by children with disabilities into the country’s development agenda.