Beirut Municipality PSEAH Policy and Reporting Mechanism

Policy and Reporting Mechanism for Protection from Sexual Exploitation, Abuse, and Harassment for Beirut Municipality in Arabic and English

Beirut Municipality


The Municipality of Beirut PSEAH Policy and Reporting Mechanism were prepared following a comprehensive review of international norms and standards relating to sexual harassment, sexual exploitation and sexual abuse, along with relevant aspects of the Lebanese legal framework. This included laws relating to: sexual harassment, sexual exploitation and sexual abuse; the obligations of civil servants; mandatory reporting; whistle blower protection ACT.  It also relies on several organigrams, circulars, and regulations emanating from the Municipality of Beirut.

Integral to the contextualisation process were the ongoing consultations with the Governor of Beirut Judge Marwan Abboud, National Council of Lebanese Women, The Office of the Minister of State for Administrative Reform , Public Administration, Legal and Research Institutions, Civil Society Organizations, Independent Lawyers, Municipality Elected Members and Executive Staff.  Their inputs were invaluable to understanding the structure, functioning and culture of the Municipality of Beirut, which in turn assisted in defining the implementation modalities as well as identifying remaining gaps.

Beirut Municipality PSEAH Policy and Reporting Mechanism
UNICEF Lebanon Team consisted of: Dr. Leilani Elliot (PSEAH Consultant), Salam Chreim (PSEAH Consultant), Farah Hammoud (Programme Officer - PSEAH), Sonia Butris Ilias (Programme Specialist – Local Governance), Try Laksono Harysantoso (Chief Field Office)
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