Guidance for families to prevent violence in early childhood in the time of COVID-19


Rafael Alfonso Araujo, 27, holds his daughter Selva, 2, outside of their home in Paraguay


The consequences of the measures to control the spread of COVID-19 –social isolation, quarantine, physical distancing– have had a strong impact on parenting and the wellbeing and development of 0-5-year old children in Latin America and the Caribbean. Furthermore, parents and other caregivers have been affected by closures, interruptions, or restrictions of services provided by centers offering childcare, early intervention, and initial learning and education services.

Before the pandemic, the prevalence of violence against children in Latin America and the Caribbean was already high. This situation, aggravated by the consequences of social confinement, demonstrates the need to provide support services to families, offering alternatives that comply with pandemic imposed restrictions. As part of the response, a resource kit consisting of the following documents and materials are presented:

1. Conceptual and methodological framework
2. General guide for telephone guidance
3. Tool # 1. Guiding and in-depth questions 
4. Tool # 2. Guidance with the 5Rs Model of Positive and Effective Parenting
5. Formal registration worksheet for telephone guidance

Guidance for Families to Prevent Violence in Early Childhood in the Time of COVID-19
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