Education in Latin America and the Caribbean at a crossroads

Regional monitoring report SDG4 - Education 2030

After the August 2021 earthquake, which destroyed or severely damaged 738 schools, UNICEF has been helping the children of Haiti to study. Before the winter break ends and classes resume in 2022, 80,000 school kits are being delivered to children in the departments of Sud, Grand Anse and Nippes.
UNICEF/UN0568471/Ulises Daniel Diaz Mercado


Seven years after the adoption of the 2030 Agenda, this publication takes stock of the implementation of SDG4-E2030 in Latin America and the Caribbean. The report identifies challenges that can guide educational policies for the next decade.

In recent years there was a slowdown, and in some cases stagnation, in the progress of many of the educational achievements observed in the 2000-2015 period. In other  indicators, there are improvements and encouraging achievements, some common to the region and others specific to some countries. Despite this, the overall balance allows us to recognize the effect of a period marked by economic difficulties, political discontinuity and the devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Education in Latin America and the caribbean at a crossroads
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