Access to School I

Learn about Universal Design for Learning

Access to School I


The purpose of this booklet is to support UNICEF’s mission by assisting UNICEF staff and our partners to understand the basic concepts of accessibility and universal design as they relate to education both in the physical and learning environment, with an emphasis on children with disabilities.

  • The right of every child to receive an education, including children with disabilities.

  • The benefits that accessible schools provide to an entire community.

  • The types of barriers that limit access to education for children with disabilities.

  • The concept and benefits of accessibility.

  • The concept, goals and benefits of universal design.

  • The accessibility continuum and how it applies to the design of schools.

  • The importance of providing books and other learning materials in formats that can be read and understood by all children.

  • Strategies for providing information to children in appropriate accessible formats.

  • The importance of effective communication support within the classroom for all children.

  • Strategies for providing communication support for children with disabilities.

Access to School I
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