Ten recommendations for mothers, fathers and other caregivers during COVID-19

Messages that can help you as a mother, father or caregiver

Familia en casa


One of the existing measures to stop the spread of COVID-19 is to stay home. For many people, this has meant to continue their jobs in a “teleworking” modality, or in some cases, moving their businesses or ventures to home.

Additionally, the fact that many children are not attending care and development, preschool or school educational centres forces families to be in charge of accompanying them in their educational activities.

Unexpectedly, the house has simultaneously become home, office and school for millions of families in Latin America and the Caribbean and the world.

This document presents some recommendations that can help you during this time when you are working from home.

Portada decálogo para madres, padres y otros cuidadores en tiempos de COVID-19