Know your vegetables for a balanced diet at home

Check out the videos for ideas to show your child a healthy diet

Matilde, de 2 años, y su madre preparan una ensalada de frutas en la cocina de su casa, en Montevideo, Uruguay.
12 March 2022

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How can you get your children to like all foods? How can you teach them to follow a healthy diet? Without a doubt, introducing different flavors to children is key to creating positive and healthy eating habits. Including vegetables in the daily menu is essential. 

Below is a list of videos with information on the nutritional properties of vegetables and ideas on how to include them in your family’s regular diet.

(All videos have English subtitles).

All about spinach

All about onion

All about carrots

All about chard

UNICEF Uruguay

All about eggplant

All about broccoli

All about beets

All about round zucchinis

UNICEF Uruguay

All about bell peppers

UNICEF Uruguay

All about corn

UNICEF Uruguay

All about lettuce

UNICEF Uruguay

All about potato

UNICEF Uruguay

All about tomatoes

UNICEF Uruguay

All about beans

UNICEF Uruguay

All about pumpkin

UNICEF Uruguay