UNICEF and British Embassy supplied 1,020 schools and 1,770 teachers with hygiene packs and teachers’ kits

Joint Press Release – UNICEF and British Embassy

17 December 2020
Hygiene Kits
UNICEF/2020/ Kosovo

Prishtina, 16 December 2020 – UNICEF in partnership with the British Embassy intensified efforts to support schools with hygiene packs and teachers’ kits to prevent the spread of the infections among general population and especially in schools.  UNICEF and the British Embassy are responding to the needs by distributing more than a thousand of packages and kits consisting of masks, hand sanitizers and other necessary protection tools for children and teachers. The assistance aims to also support families as much as possible in providing conditions to protect their children throughout the essential education process.

Today, UNICEF and British Embassy launched a joint initiative, where the Head of UNICEF Kosovo Office, Mr Murat Sahin and the Ambassador to British Embassy in Kosovo, Mr. Nicholas Abbott visited the Primary School ‘Daut Bogujevci’ in Fushe Kosova Municipality and distributed 27 hygiene kits for 16 schools and 30 protection kits for teachers.
In Kosovo, one of the biggest challenges in ensuring the educational process for all children continued to be poverty during the period of the pandemic, which continues to be significantly high in Kosovo. The situation analysis report on children and mothers in Kosovo, published in February 2020 by UNICEF, shows that the percentage of poverty in children is 23 percent, while 7 percent of which live in extreme poverty. Ensuring school equipment, and protective equipment against COVID-19, is an additional challenge for these children. Thus, it was necessary to establish a sustainable partnership to reach out the children in need.

The current evidence, compiled by UNICEF and UNESCO, shows that in-person schooling does not appear to be the main driver of infection spikes, children in school do not appear to be exposed to higher risks of infection compared to when not in school when mitigation measures are in place, and school staff also do not appear to be at a higher relative risk compared to the general population.
Mr. Murat Sahin, Head of UNICEF Kosovo Office highlights “we need to make all we can to ensure that schools are first to open and last to close during COVID-19 pandemic”.

In total the contribution to schools with the British Embassy support contains 1,551 hygienic kits to 1,020 schools and 1,770 protection kits for teachers to 29 schools in all Kosovo, including Serbian populated municipalities.

The 1,551 hygienic kits to 1,020 schools contain: 
77,550 L of liquid soap; 77,550 L of hand sanitizer; 38,775 L of Domestos; 3,102 infrared thermometers;

Whereas 1,770 protection kits for teachers to 29 schools contain:
3,540 face shields; 3,540 face masks; 3,540 N95 masks; 1,770 L of hand sanitizer; 1,770 notebooks with COVID-19 messages; 1,770 tote backpacks with COVID-19 messages; 

Mr. Nicholas Abbott highlighted that “it has been a real pleasure to join UNICEF today in providing practical support to schools. In these difficult times children’s education and welfare remains a priority and it should be at the forefront of our minds.

Developed in consultation with counterparts at the ministries of health and education, the $2.5 million project entitled Return to (New) Normal in Kosovo: Strengthening resilience through a safe and inclusive return to normality in health and education in the wake of COVID-19 is implemented by UNFPA, UNICEF, UN Women and the World Health Organization.

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