Report on Child well-being in Kazakhstan

Report on Child well-being in Kazakhstan

UNICEF Kazakhstan


Notwithstanding the range of data and information available about the situation of poverty, and how it has developed over time, in Kazakhstan, there is little evidence on the well-being of children. This presents an important information gap for the Government of Kazakhstan in the development of effective policies targeted at improving the lives of children and youth. The National Development Program 2020 and the Strategy 2030 foresee the provision of preschool education to children in both urban and rural areas, the reduction of maternal and infant mortality rates, the improvement of the quality of life of the population in general and strengthening of the existing social protection systems (UNICEF TOR, 2010). A recent report by ODI on behalf of UNICEF (ODI, 2009) identified several policy areas for further investment by the Government of Kazakhstan. The eventual achievement of the National Development Program and the Strategy in the area of children requires the identification and implementation of concrete policy measures which effectively improve the well-being of children. This requires first the establishment of a solid evidence base on the well-being of children, their current lives, opportunities and obstacles.

Keetie Roelen, Franziska Gassmann
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Russian, English

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