Nahno.Org: The National Youth Engagement and Volunteering Movement

Volunteering to empower individuals and communities


  1. The National Youth Engagement and Volunteering Movement aims to develop institutionalized mechanisms for youth social and civic engagement and increase platforms to connect youth to one another, as well as to a diverse range of entities, thereby facilitating the creation of youth-led initiative. UNICEF has developed strong partnerships with a wide range of stakeholders: Government, Ministries, Private Sector, NGOs, United Nations agencies, with a shared commitment to provide engagement and volunteering opportunities for young people in Jordan.
  2. The National Youth Engagement and Volunteering Movement Platform, Nahno, org, is an innovative tool that allows youth to register and be matched to relevant engagement opportunities near them. Companies, non-governmental organizations, and institutions (partners) can post the engagement and volunteering opportunities they have available for youth on the platform. The platform is designed to be flexible and adaptive to the needs and interests of the participating youth and partners. It can be accessed online or through a mobile application. This national movement brings together all partners in Jordan, including United Nations agencies, Government, private sector, and civil society organizations to engage the most vulnerable young people across Jordan in systematic and meaningful engagement and volunteering opportunities.
  3. Over 43,000 young people (62 per cent girls) registered on the platform, 6,000 of whom registered to support COVID-19 response in Jordan, logging over 900,000 hours of volunteering.
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