The Ministry of Education, the European Union, UNESCO, and UNICEF launch ITALEEM

Equitable quality education in Iraq

22 May 2024

Baghdad, Iraq, 22 May 2024 - The Ministry of Education, the European Union (EU), UNESCO and UNICEF launched the ITALEEM equitable quality education programme today.  This programme will strengthen the capacity of the Ministry of Education, reaching over 100,000 teachers and 30,000 schools.

We appreciate the efforts of our partners the EU, UNESCO and UNICEF in ensuring that all learners in Iraq have access to quality equitable education,” said Mr. Ibrahim Al Juboori, Minister of Education.  “This education programme will support the ministry to advance the quality of education reaching more than 10 million students.”

“I-TALEEM is more than just an education programme; it's an investment in the future of Iraq. By harnessing data, empowering communities, and supporting educators, we're building a foundation for a more equitable and impactful learning experience for all Iraqi students.” Said Mr. Thomas Seiler, the European Union Ambassador to the Republic of Iraq.

ِAlso, H.E the European Union Ambassador said "We are thrilled to announce the launch of I-TALEEM, a groundbreaking education programme designed to empower learners and educators in Iraq. This programme rests on four key pillars: leveraging technology for data-driven decision-making, fostering school-community partnerships, equipping teachers for success, and strengthening civil society engagement. Through I-TALEEM, we aim to unlock the full potential of Iraq's education system and empower future generations to thrive". Said Mr. Thomas Seiler, the European Union Ambassador to the Republic of Iraq.

This joint EU, UNESCO and UNICEF education programme will strengthen the ministry’s governance by enhancing policies, planning and management; will improve school capacity to provide quality inclusive education; will build the capacity of teachers for quality teaching and learning; and enable civil society organizations’ engagement in the education system.

"As educational access improves, Iraq needs to invest in improving the quality of teaching and learning guided by evidence-based educational planning, continuous professional development and support for teachers and integration of educational technologies,” said Paolo Fontani, UNESCO Representative in Iraq. “UNESCO is dedicated to supporting the nationwide implementation of the education management information system, executing the ministry’s Capacity Development Plan and in-service training for teachers in partnership with the Government, development partners and civil society organizations to realize the objectives outlined in Iraq National Education Strategy 2022-2031."

The concerted efforts underscore a commitment to ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education for all students, especially the most vulnerable across Iraq. At the heart of this initiative lies the implementation of the innovative programme, Equitable Quality Education in Iraq: Improved Teaching and Learning and Enhanced Educational Management (ITALEEM).

“As Iraq is transitioning from humanitarian to long-term development, strengthening the education system has never been more important, “said Sandra Lattouf, UNICEF Representative in Iraq. “Investing in quality inclusive education will accelerate progress towards Sustainable Development Goal 4 and will ensure a brighter future for every child in Iraq.”     

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