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UN provides vital food and aid to 42,000 people in eastern Mosul 

Baghdad 09 December 2016 – In the single largest humanitarian aid delivery in eastern Mosul since the current conflict began, WFP, UNICEF and UNFPA yesterday provided food, dignity kits, water purification tables, jerry cans, baby hygiene kits and more for 42,000 people in eastern Mosul. 

"I saw thousands of happy, welcoming children today. It was a very large and important distribution which allowed us to reach more than 21,000 children in eastern Mosul," said Bastien Vigneau, UNICEF's Regional Emergency Advisor who coordinated the aid delivery. "Next we need to focus on delivering longer-term services to these areas to restore acceptable living conditions for children there."

Situation Reports


Published monthly, our Humanitarian Situation Reports detail UNICEF's response to the ongoing emergency in Iraq and in the regional response to the crisis in Syria. 

Stories from UNICEF in Iraq


RAMADI, Iraq, 22 November 2016 - I visited Anbar earlier this year shortly after military operations had concluded. Ramadi city was a flat concrete pancake; the way of life had been destroyed. There was nobody there, not a single person, cat or dog, nothing living.


Six months later, in early November, I returned and, although still badly damaged, Anbar was full of hope. Schools have re-started. Children are back in the classroom devoting themselves to their studies. They and their teachers are at the vanguard of a movement giving life back to the city. 

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