e-Posyandu: Digitizing Integrated Health Post Monitoring System in Indonesia

Providing real time information on public health, focusing on maternal health programmes and health promotion.



Being at the forefront of maternal and child health service centres, posyandu have an important role in collecting health indicators to improve the public health for mother and children. UNICEF gives the support with developing a digitized Posyandu Monitoring System or e-Posyandu, which is able to provide real-time information on public health, focusing on maternal health programmes and health promotion; and to assess their level of stratification. 

The Posyandu Monitoring System uses RapidPro and ONA technology, a real-time digital data collection system using short messaging services and online chatrooms. It uses geo-tagging functions to accurately locate posyandu in villages. It also engages community-based health centre (puskesmas) officers and village midwives to regularly update the system through their own mobile devices.  

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