Effective supportive supervision in immunization

Health systems strengthening case study Madhya Pradesh

Effective Supportive Supervision in Immunization Madhya Pradesh


Madhya Pradesh is the second largest state in India after Rajasthan with an area of 308,252 km2, and a population of 72 million (census 2011). The state is divided into 10 divisions and 52 districts for administrative purposes, with Indore and Bhopal as the largest cities with roughly 21 million and 18 million population respectively.

As per India’s federal-state division of responsibilities and financing, Madhya Pradesh is responsible for organizing and delivering health services to its residents.

In the last two decades of the Universal Immunization Programme implementation in India, several surveys and evaluations have found Madhya Pradesh to be one of the weakest states in reaching immunization coverage targets. Low immunization coverage has been deemed as one of the primary reasons for high infant mortality rates and under five mortality rates in the state over the last two decades.

This case study is the outcome of a consultative engagement involving a range of stakeholders in Madhya Pradesh and beyond working in health systems and in particular immunization.

Supportive Supervision in Immunization
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