Donia Samir Ghanem

UNICEF Egypt's Ambassador

UNICEF /Egypt 2017/Omar Mattar

Meet UNICEF Egypt’s Ambassador Donia Samir Ghanem

UNICEF Egypt's Ambassador Donia Samir Ghanem CRC@25

Donia Samir Ghanem is a multitalented Egyptian artist; she is an Actress, Singer and a Judge at a talent show.

In December 2015, Donia took part in the #FightUnfair social media campaign, and aimed at shedding the light on the challenges facing children and young people in Egypt. In the campaign, Ghanem urged for ending the use of violence as a form of discipline for children.

Ghanem has also participated in a UNICEF Regional campaign in 2016, in support of Syria, alongside UNICEF’s prominent Goodwill Ambassadors. The campaign, #FIVE years, was in a form of short video that showcased the impact of war on the Syrian citizens and a call to end the suffering of children.

Link to video on it's hosted site.
UNICEF/Egypt 2017/Bee Media
Link to video on it's hosted site.
UNICEF/Egypt 2014/Roznama Records

More to know about Donia's work with UNICEF Egypt

On her social media platforms, Donia discussed the crisis of Syrian refugees over the past 6 years using the hashtags #NoLostGeneration and #WithRefugees, and asked people to join her in ensuring that all refugee children around the world are getting the humanitarian assistance needed.

She made a contribution to the glocal social media campaign ‘A Child is A Child’on both Facebook and Instagram, during Ramadan 2017 and posted on her Instagram account encouraging her community to donate through UNICEF website to help save and change children refugees’ lives.

Donia summed up her efforts in 2017 by extending special invitations to a group of 70 children, benefiting from shelter and protection services of UNICEF's partner, FACE for Children in Need, to enjoy a delightful music-filled night at her first musical performance for kids titled ‘Donia’s World’.

FACE for Children in Need is one of UNICEF Egypt’s partners on child protection workforce development in the context of the project ‘Expanding Access to Education and Protection for At Risk Children in Egypt’,

UNICEF Egypt's Ambassador Donia Samir Ghanem KG Syrian Centre Visit