Tips for Children and Adolescents

Happens to everyone, stoppable by everyone

UNICEF/Egypt 2018/Hamed Afifi

What do I need to know about bullying?

  • If someone teases you and say ‘do not tell anyone else about this!’, be sure that this person is doing something wrong.
  • It is brave to tell the truth and report incidents of harassment and abuse.
  • Avoid groups that are involved with bullying, even if they are popular.
  • If you feel concerned about getting bullied or abused, try to avoid being all alone or in a place without adult supervision. Stay close to your friends.
  • How to react if you get bullied (see question: What can I do if I see or know someone being bullied?’)
  • How react if you see or know of someone being abused or bullied (see question: ‘What can I do if I see or know someone being bullied?’).
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    What can I do if someone hurts or bullies Me?

    • If the abuse is verbal, do not repay insult for insult. Engaging in arguments with them, would grant them power over you. This would likely to evolve more problems.
    • If the abuse is physical, stay safe. Stop them by standing up for yourself and seek the help of an adult.  
    • Talk to someone you trust. Tell your parents or teacher, or sibling, or friend. seek help.

    What can I do if I see or know someone being bullied?

    4.	I cannot talk to my parents or teachers about what I am experiencing. They won’t understand. I did that before, yet they didn’t understand. What can I do?

    Witnessing someone being bullied or abused is harsh, difficult and can be a scary experience. It is alright to feel worried or concerned about lending a hand. This is normal. Yet, there are numerous things you can do, such as:

    1. Avoid helping or supporting the bully or the abuser, whatever it takes. This help can be in the form of agreeing on what is happening, watching silently, laughing at what is happening, sharing or commenting on the material (like a photo) used for cyberbullying.
    2. Go and stand next to the person being abused or bullied and let them know they are not alone. Even if you think this is not going to help them much, it will enable them to stand up for themselves and feel supported.
    3. If any of your friends hurt or plans to hurt someone, make sure you tell them that you will not be part of it. Ask the person who has been bullied or abused if they need your help. You can accompany them to report to a teacher or an adult.
    4. If a colleague of yours is intentionally left out, or deliberately ditched, talk to him/her, or invite him/her to play with you and with your friends.
    5. Make sure you stay safe. Do not involve yourself or others in matters that can be dangerous or serious. Always ask for advice.
    6. You are not responsible to solve the problem. But it is brave to report the incident to an adult person (even anonymously). If you do not do so, the situation might get worse, or else other people might get hurt or harmed.