Saving newborn lives in remote mountainous areas of Kyrgyzstan

UNICEF launches Every Child Alive campaign.

Olga Miltcheva
A newborn baby at Osh Regional Maternity Hospital in Kyrgyzstan.
19 February 2018

In the tiny mountainous village of Daroot Korgon in rural Kyrgyzstan, Dr. Baktygul Pakirova is the only obstetrician for a population of nearly 25,000 people. Watch her video to see how simple solutions are saving newborn baby’s lives every day. 


With UNICEF support in the region, the newborn mortality rate has drastically decreased. Dr. Pakirova’s story highlights the vital importance of training and resources to ensure mothers and babies are safe in delivery. Worldwide, however, 2.6 million newborn babies die every year, nearly a million on the day they are born.

UNICEF wants to change this and today launched Every Child ALIVE, a global campaign to demand and deliver solutions on behalf of the world’s newborns. Through the campaign, UNICEF is issuing an urgent appeal to governments, health care providers, donors, the private sector, families and businesses to keep every child alive by:

  • Recruiting, training, retaining and managing sufficient numbers of doctors, nurses and midwives with expertise in maternal and newborn care;
  • Guaranteeing clean, functional health facilities equipped with water, soap and electricity, within the reach of every mother and baby;
  • Making it a priority to provide every mother and baby with the life-saving drugs and equipment needed for a healthy start in life; and 
  • Empowering adolescent girls, mothers and families to demand and receive quality care.
  • Find out more and join the global call to support Every Child Alive.

Find out more and join the global call to support Every Child Alive.