Where we work

Explore our presence across the region where we are working to protect the rights of all children.


Country Offices

UNICEF has Country Offices in 21 countries and territories in Europe and Central Asia. These offices carry out UNICEF's mission through a unique set of programmes that focus on practical ways to realize the rights of all children. Countries and territories with Country Offices are shown in dark green on the map.

National Committees

Many people first hear about UNICEF’s work through the activities of National Committees. In Europe, as in other parts of the world, these non-governmental organizations promote children’s rights, raise funds, create key corporate and civil society partnerships, and provide other invaluable support. National Committee countries are shown in yellow on the map.


Refugee and migrant response countries

In response to the needs of refugee and migrant children in Europe, UNICEF has temporarily expanded its programmatic presence in certain countries with National Committees.  These countries are shown in light green on the map.


Region-wide networks 

Across Europe and Central Asia UNICEF works with a number of institutions and region-wide networks to monitor and uphold children’s rights. These networks are region wide, including the countries shown in pale green on the map.


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