Digital learning and transformation of education strategy

Europe and Central Asia regional strategy

A child uses a computer in a classroom.


The Regional Digital Learning and Transformation of Education Strategy (RDLS) sets the vision, goals, focus areas and programmatic interventions for scaling up and sustaining UNICEF’s work on digital learning in Europe and Central Asia. It prioritizes the use of edtech for effective teaching and learning, transforming education delivery and promoting digital and broader competencies and skills, placing learning, particularly for the most marginalized children, at the center. The Strategy consists of three main goals, which are 1) addressing the digital divide, 2) maximizing edtech to improve learning outcomes, and 3) strengthening edtech governance, preparedness and system resilience, with 8 focus areas and 5 enabling inputs.

It is hoped that through this Strategy, country and regional initiatives and programmes can approach edtech and digital learning as an enabler and a viable solution to improving learning outcomes, supporting teachers, promoting learner-centered pedagogical approaches, providing multiple and flexible learning pathways, and creating resilient and agile education systems.

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