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Preparing for the hurricane season: “It’s going to be different this time.”


DOMINICA, 14 May 2018 - The Caribbean hurricane season is fast approaching and schools in Dominica, devastated by Category 5 Hurricane Maria in September last year, are gearing up to be ready. More

Barbuda: “My heart, my home”

For Jamaila Beazer, travelling with her two young daughters, the choppy ferry crossing on the Barbuda Express from Antigua is worth it, despite the big waves, the rocking and the roughness. The boat is taking her home. The young mother is one of a number of people now returning to Barbuda after September’s Hurricane Irma ripped across the 62-square-mile island and left 99 per cent of buildings damaged. More

Children in Focus Vol. #1 2018

 UNICEF 2018 Newsletter - Children in Focus Vol. #1 2018

Cash transfers bring relief to families in Dominica

BARBADOS, 9 January 2018 - Yvonne Hill Williams is a very busy woman. She has her hands full with a lively bunch of five grandchildren and foster children who call her cosy house in Bath Estate, Roseau, home. Ranging in age from 6 to 16, Kaioh, Khamylia, Roxy, Seth and Ishman love to play on the banks of the nearby river. But the river was not so kind last September when it overflowed during Hurricane Maria, washed right into their residence and caused their guardian to lose all the merchandise in her shop. More 

UNICEF ECA has new head

 BARBADOS, 31 October 2017 - Dr Aloys Kamuragiye takes over as head of the UNICEF Office for the Eastern Caribbean Area from 1 November, with a pledge to be a strong advocate on behalf of the children of the 12 nations in the sub-region. More

WFP and UNICEF Support the Government of Dominica to Provide Emergency Cash Transfers to 25,000 people affected by Hurricane Maria

DOMINICA – 4 December 2017 -  The World Food Programme (WFP) and UNICEF are partnering to support the Government of Dominica in providing Emergency Cash Transfers to 25,000 people most affected by Hurricane Maria. More

New Year Starts with Shelter Woes


“I am not too happy about being here. I wish I was at my home because I was so comfortable there. My home was demolished. It fell down flat.  The environment here is not the best, we can’t do the things we would normally do, like using the kitchen as we like. More

Debbie Daway's Story

 Debbie Daway is a 15-year-old girl who loves singing and song-writing who lives with her family in Dominica’s capital Roseau. Here’s her view of life three months after Maria struck on 18 September. 


“Well of course the hurricane was very significant. You almost cannot remember life before Maria.  Everybody is still kind of traumatised and as time passed we saw all the things we took for granted and wonder how we can get those things back.

Life is not normal but I cannot complain because I could have been dead, I could have died in that hurricane, many people died in that hurricane… More

Remarkable progress in response to Caribbean hurricanes, plenty more to do

UNICEF is reporting tremendous progress in the lives of children and their families three months after the first of two devastating hurricanes impacted several Eastern Caribbean countries. More




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